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A couple of weeks ago as I was leaving for work, my wife asked me to take Jared his homework that had fallen out of his backpack as he ran out of the house to catch the bus. I visited the school and took the sheet of homework to his classroom. It is always fun […]


I was late. I wanted to be on the road already. I was loading the computer into my car and heading to one of my client’s office 70 miles away. I really wanted to get going so I could get work started. “Dad, can you fix my tire?”, Jared called from the driveway. The bike […]


While it may not be so in all languages, in English, forgive has the word “give” in it. So I ask myself, what does forgiveness “give” people? I heard a story once, as told by the late Chief Blue of the Catawba Indian nation: One day my eleven-year-old son went squirrel hunting with six other […]


I am a bachelor for the week as my family has taken a trip while I try to keep the cash flow coming. So I did the bachelor thing and went out to the store to get a pack of hotdogs. On the way I saw a group of kids on a corner all doing […]