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Category: Assignments

Assignment 4

Take a moment today to find some nice paper and hand write a letter to someone and thank them for something they did for you. Giving can only take place when there is someone on the receiving end. The giving is more powerful when it is received with gratitude. I have noticed that if someone […]

Assignment 3

Once again, this assignment has to do with a movie. Movie: Piglet’s BIG Movie I found this movie delightful and an underlying message about the good someone can do, even if they are small or seem insignificant. Things to look for: How do small things make a big difference? Even if your giving goes unnoticed, […]

Assignment 2

This assignment takes about 2 seconds (it can take more depending on what effort you want to put into it) First, I want you to think of the last time you were at the store, or somewhere out and about and saw someone that you knew. How many times have you thought “oh there is […]

Assignment 1

Since this is our first assignment, I’d like to explain what the assignments are. These are merely activities that are composed to encourage thought, simplify life, foster initiative, increase discovery, start good habits….you know…all that good stuff that we like but never seem to know how to get. I am not trying to make us […]