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I have had a rough few days. Just as I feel I have made strides in the condition of my heart, I am shown how very far I need to go. Sometimes I feel so frustrated about how easily the balance is upset. I do or say things that hurt others. Even as I desire […]


Children always amaze me by their honesty. Sometimes abrupt, yes, but refreshing. My wife and children were at the store yesterday when a classmate of Jared’s from last school year came running up to him and said, “I haven’t seen you in SO long that I forgot your name! My name is Aiden, what is […]


On my way to work this morning, I heard an interesting quote: negative ideas dominate This statement was said in the context of health and medicine, where some people might speculate something negative about a procedure, and start to talk about it without any real scientific evidence – and then this negative idea spreads like […]


While I may not have been actively writing as much on the Giving Bliss blog or writing articles, the theme of giving has been on my mind these last few years as I have looked at myself and those around me. History and literature have many stories of dramatic change–some very rapidly. Saul in the […]


Have you ever brought a movie home that was just crude, crass or just worthless? Remember the feeling when it was over? How the residue from it seemed to stick to the atmosphere of your home? It is like trying to clean up after a giant apple juice spill. On the other hand, have you […]


I’ll borrow a line from Kung-Fu Panda. “There are no accidents.” I normally don’t quote scripture here as this blog isn’t a deep doctrinal study of the Master but a practical look at Christian applications. But I have to share this. Within 3 days, a specific passage of scripture was brought to my attention in […]

Simple 2

While I was driving about, I saw a man who was crossing the street. When he reached the curb he saw there was an empty soda cup in the gutter. In one swift movement he picked it up and went his way, no garbage can immediately in sight. His act was simple, but it was […]


Many times, we associate giving with things that bring an immediate reaction of joy and gratitude. It is much harder to give those things that will bring lasting joy and satisfaction in the long run, but immediately aren’t welcome. I am speaking of those things we give our children, such as discipline, work ethic, knowledge, […]


I was reading in an entrepreneurial magazine last night about a woman competing with her husband’s BlackBerry. She explained about how this device went everywhere with them; Soccer games, Restaurants, Exercising, Vacation..etc. I began thinking about things in my life that hinder my ability to give full attention to the tasks I am doing. As […]


Many times we think that giving means that we take something of material value and pass it on to someone else. Examples would include gifts, money, items, food etc. There are times when each of those things can make a world of difference, but more often it is the intangible that we give that makes […]