Joy Really is That Simple

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Here is a nifty little image that I created. What do you think it represents? Each line reprensents a path of someone’s life on any particular day, but the emphasis here isn’t the path itself. I want to focus on where each of these paths cross. The points of intersection represent where each of these […]


In my last entry I talked about my personal lesson about giving when things were hard. This last few days I’ve been doing a lot of pondering over what I should be learning during this personal trial. Many of us are struggling right now. This economy is really rough on a lot of people. I […]


There has been far too long of a gap from the last entry. Even for those of us who know where happiness is derived and seek to see the good in each situation, including the difficult ones, there are periods that are unpleasant. The last week or so has been challenging personally for me. Sometimes […]


I had a unique little experience today. I was hoping a check was going to arrive in the mail today – it really was needed. It didn’t come. I was bummed, but tried to remember patience. I’ve always found that when I am feeling down, if I forget myself and do something for someone else, […]


Today I had the privilege of teaching my oldest to tie a tie. He wanted to learn it to get his last silver arrow before moving up to the next level in cub scouts (his birthday is tomorrow). He was easily frustrated by it, and I was frustrated that he was frustrated. Then I realized […]


In the last few days in speaking with several people, I have heard a common theme. It is that for some, the hurt has been too severe or the experience so traumatizing that efforts at simple joys seem fruitless. Some feel there just isn’t any energy to serve in meaningful ways. I find it ironic, […]


The other night I was working on a project after dinner. I had a lot to do. While thus engaged, My oldest came in and said, “Hey Dad, can you come outside and play?” There was the temptation to say “I’m busy” or “I have to get this done.” I only considered those “excuses” for […]


I had a date with my wife yesterday. We ate a simple meal and just did some window shopping. I told her it doesn’t matter where we go as long as I am with her and I am not trying on pants. The majority of our looking consisted of my wife saying “Oh, our daughter […]


I wish I could remember what is was like to sit on my dad’s shoulders. Today while crossing my children’s school parking lot I had 2 year old Nate on my shoulders. I love the feeling of his little hands on my head. I play with him as we walk, either nibbling his legs or […]


I had a short lived art show today. At about 3 hours into it a whirlwind whipped through the rows of canopies throwing artwork all over the place. It was pretty bad. One of my pieces fell and the glass shattered. While I was holding down the canopy a woman from the next booth over […]