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Today’s post is a guest post by my 8 year old (soon to be 9) friend Lauren. These are her own words about an experience she had in giving. Here is how my story began. It all began when I was looking out my window. Suddenly, I saw an old lady working in her flower […]

Guest Post: Kites

This story is shared to us via Paul (via Guidpost/Reader’s Digest), who’s email nudged me to get this project going again. The Day We Flew the Kites by Frances Fowler “String!” shouted Brother, bursting into the kitchen. “We need lots more string.” It was Saturday. As always, it was a busy one, for “Six days […]

Guest Post: Kindness

On occasion I will include guest posts on Giving Bliss. I like to hear stories about how giving and receiving with gratitude have made the difference in someone’s day – the giver and receiver. Today’s post is from Eleace, as follows: One Saturday last year I was really missing my grandma. I just needed to […]