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Month: June, 2009


In my last entry I talked about my personal lesson about giving when things were hard. This last few days I’ve been doing a lot of pondering over what I should be learning during this personal trial. Many of us are struggling right now. This economy is really rough on a lot of people. I […]


There has been far too long of a gap from the last entry. Even for those of us who know where happiness is derived and seek to see the good in each situation, including the difficult ones, there are periods that are unpleasant. The last week or so has been challenging personally for me. Sometimes […]

Assignment 2

This assignment takes about 2 seconds (it can take more depending on what effort you want to put into it) First, I want you to think of the last time you were at the store, or somewhere out and about and saw someone that you knew. How many times have you thought “oh there is […]


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I had a unique little experience today. I was hoping a check was going to arrive in the mail today – it really was needed. It didn’t come. I was bummed, but tried to remember patience. I’ve always found that when I am feeling down, if I forget myself and do something for someone else, […]

Guest Post: Kindness

On occasion I will include guest posts on Giving Bliss. I like to hear stories about how giving and receiving with gratitude have made the difference in someone’s day – the giver and receiver. Today’s post is from Eleace, as follows: One Saturday last year I was really missing my grandma. I just needed to […]


Today I had the privilege of teaching my oldest to tie a tie. He wanted to learn it to get his last silver arrow before moving up to the next level in cub scouts (his birthday is tomorrow). He was easily frustrated by it, and I was frustrated that he was frustrated. Then I realized […]

Assignment 1

Since this is our first assignment, I’d like to explain what the assignments are. These are merely activities that are composed to encourage thought, simplify life, foster initiative, increase discovery, start good habits….you know…all that good stuff that we like but never seem to know how to get. I am not trying to make us […]