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Month: August, 2011


I have had a rough few days. Just as I feel I have made strides in the condition of my heart, I am shown how very far I need to go. Sometimes I feel so frustrated about how easily the balance is upset. I do or say things that hurt others. Even as I desire […]


Children always amaze me by their honesty. Sometimes abrupt, yes, but refreshing. My wife and children were at the store yesterday when a classmate of Jared’s from last school year came running up to him and said, “I haven’t seen you in SO long that I forgot your name! My name is Aiden, what is […]


On my way to work this morning, I heard an interesting quote: negative ideas dominate This statement was said in the context of health and medicine, where some people might speculate something negative about a procedure, and start to talk about it without any real scientific evidence – and then this negative idea spreads like […]