by keb

I was reading in an entrepreneurial magazine last night about a woman competing with her husband’s BlackBerry. She explained about how this device went everywhere with them; Soccer games, Restaurants, Exercising, Vacation..etc.

I began thinking about things in my life that hinder my ability to give full attention to the tasks I am doing. As I went to sleep I thought about it deeply. I resolved to “clean house” of those things.

Today I began the process. On my computer I had several programs that would flash the latest updates on news, facebook status, twitter updates and such. I disengaged those programs. I will visit those sites when I feel that I can devote time to it, but I won’t let it interrupt my work, conversations or projects.

I also have resolved to close my email program from 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm every night. This will allow me to give full attention to my children and my wife.

I have resolved that before I open my email program in the morning that I will plan the day, as I know it, before emails can distract me from the overall plan. Once I have my plan in place I will then see how the latest emails will affect that plan and adjust accordingly.

I am considering unplugging the the land line phone and turning off cell phones during dinner time for at least a half hour.

This is a new step for me as I have realized how intrusive some technologies are. Some have diluted my ability to give full attention.

What are some things that distract you? What prevents you from giving full attention to a person, a task or leaning moment? What things can you eliminate or schedule better?

How does this idea improve one’s ability to give?