by keb

Have you ever brought a movie home that was just crude, crass or just worthless? Remember the feeling when it was over? How the residue from it seemed to stick to the atmosphere of your home? It is like trying to clean up after a giant apple juice spill.

On the other hand, have you ever brought home a movie that inspired, taught and left everyone feeling good – and desiring to be kinder and a better person?

Recently as a family we watched two spectacular movies, based off of children’s books. The first, The Secret Garden – and tonight, A Little Princess.

Parents have an opportunity to give their children many things – even the entertainment or stories that are in the home. Are we providing stories that uplift? Are they teaching them to be kind, selfless and proactive? Do they want to be better after experiencing them?

Tonight after A Little Princess, all 5 of my children gathered in my daughter’s room for a Friday night “sleep over”. When one of the kids was upset about his bed placement, one of the others stepped up and provided his spot. The flashlights were out, the lights dimmed, story books out. Kind and soft voices were heard – their bonds of siblinghood strengthened. Perhaps a memory was made that they will remember the rest of their lives.

We don’t realize how much of what children see, hear and read affect how they behave towards themselves and others. We can give people brightness in light by sharing the uplifting stories we find in our lives. Some true, some make-believe – but all praiseworthy.