by keb

Today’s post is a guest post by my 8 year old (soon to be 9) friend Lauren. These are her own words about an experience she had in giving.

Here is how my story began. It all began when I was looking out my window. Suddenly, I saw an old lady working in her flower bed. She looked like she needed some help. So, I asked mom if I could go across the street and help her. She said, “ Yes.” Then I got ready. Then I called Andrew down to come with me, and we went across the street.   I said, “Hi. My name is Lauren.” And Andrew said, “Can we help you?”  She said yes. She also said to pick up the leaves. As we started working, she went in her house and came back with two dollars. One for me and one for Andrew. A few minutes later, it was time to go. As I was leaving, I felt like I wanted to do more service. It did make a big difference to her because we cleaned her flower bed and because it helped her.

Sometimes the best examples of giving are children, and the best experiences are when they of their own choosing and initiative go and give to someone else.