by keb

I was late. I wanted to be on the road already. I was loading the computer into my car and heading to one of my client’s office 70 miles away. I really wanted to get going so I could get work started.

“Dad, can you fix my tire?”, Jared called from the driveway.

The bike was laying on it’s side and the pump was out. It is a good pump, but very particular. It took me quite a while to become proficient with it. Jared wouldn’t be able to get it on correctly.

Nate’s bike was fine–he was waiting for Jared so they could ride together.

My initial reaction was to say “Sorry, I have to get going,” but then I thought about my project. This project. Thinking beyond myself. In that instant I felt Jared’s need. At first, to me it was just a flat tire – and bike in the driveway blocking my car. And then I saw it through his eyes. He couldn’t fix the tire by himself.  He just wanted to ride with Nate. He looked to me for help – and I was the only one who could give it to him at that moment. A brief annoyance was replaced by mercy and love. I stopped what I was doing. And pumped up the tire.

He rode away. I don’t remember if he said “thank you,” but the smile on his face and the happy cries as he raced his brother down the street were thanks enough.