by keb

A couple of weeks ago as I was leaving for work, my wife asked me to take Jared his homework that had fallen out of his backpack as he ran out of the house to catch the bus. I visited the school and took the sheet of homework to his classroom. It is always fun to see my kids in their classrooms. I love going to schools, or anywhere where there are groups of children. Children are happy, buoyant and cheerful. I can feel of their goodness.

While I was basking in the atmosphere, I was walking down a hall on my way out, when I saw a small line of children coming the opposite way. This feeling of love and happiness was stronger than what I had been feeling before. This just radiated from them. I couldn’t help but smile.

As I approached I saw that is was the special needs class coming down the hall. The goodness that emanated from them was palpable and I was overwhelmed by it. My smile widened, my day had been altered in the best of ways. I wanted to turn around and walk with them, to be with them. There was greatness in them – innocence, beauty and love.

I sometimes wonder if all of us “regular” people are the special needs group. Our ability to love gets hampered by daily distractions, selfishness, and stress. I will never forget the gift they gave me that morning. A gift that they didn’t even realize that they were giving, but were giving with pure goodness.