Guest Post: Kindness

by keb

On occasion I will include guest posts on Giving Bliss. I like to hear stories about how giving and receiving with gratitude have made the difference in someone’s day – the giver and receiver.

Today’s post is from Eleace, as follows:

One Saturday last year I was really missing my grandma. I just needed to be with her. I decided to go to Kohl’s. Shopping made me think of the many times I had gone shopping with my grandma. It was 9pm, and they close at 10.

I meandered a bit, not knowing what I was looking for, when an older woman in her 70’s approached me. She must have thought I worked there. She asked me for help in finding the skirts. I said, “Sure, I think they’re over there.” I quickly could see she was in need of some help.

I asked her some questions and got some more info about what she needed. She was trying to find an Easter outfit for her daughter who was in a nursing home due to disabilities.

I noticed this woman had similar hair as my grandma. I noticed she was of similar size as well. I also noticed that maybe her mind was slipping a little, and she was having trouble gathering her thoughts, or knowing what to do. Since I lived with my grandma, who had Alzheimer’s, for several years, I found I knew how to communicate with her in such a way that would make things easier for her.

“Here are 2 skirts. Which one do you like,” I asked.

“Well…I think this one.”

“OK, then here’s a shirt that matches.”

As we walked around I smiled, and felt such a sense of gladness. This opportunity was a gift. For reasons unknown to me, I drove 20 minutes at 9pm on a Saturday night to a store that had nothing I needed. And for some reason, this old woman drove 20 minutes from the other direction to a store, when she could’ve gone to one closer.

I know that it was heaven sent. I know I was of help to her, in that small thing of finding an outfit, but she was of so much more help to me. In that moment, I got to be with my grandma. I think that’s what I needed- to be with a real person, not just memories.

In that service, I found bliss.

And I’m sure the old woman raved to her friends about Kohl’s excellence customer service, so I’m sure they benefitted, too. :)