by keb

Many times we think that giving means that we take something of material value and pass it on to someone else. Examples would include gifts, money, items, food etc. There are times when each of those things can make a world of difference, but more often it is the intangible that we give that makes lasting changes and impressions.

We live in days that are difficult. Many of us are trying to figure out how we are going to make it in the coming months. Stress builds – we feel the load. We wonder about how we are going to buy tires and pay for the registration of the car. When we walk that road it is very easy to withdraw and to focus inward.

I played Junior Monopoly with my son tonight. He skunked me. He thought is was very funny. While Monopoly is not my favorite game, my son really enjoyed the time I took to play the game with him. Earlier I wrestled with my two other sons on the carpet, and handed out some jelly beans to all 4 kids. I could have done better with giving my wife some time as well. Best remedy that tomorrow.

The point is, 10 years from now I might remember the daily struggle of just “making it” but the relationships I create by giving time will mean infinitely more.

I needed that time today and they needed it too. The days where little hands pat my face will be over way too soon.