About Giving Bliss

Giving Bliss is a book. It is not finished yet because I am still learning things that I need to know before the book can be completed. This blog is sharing the journey of learning lessons so I can write the book, my experiences writing it, and meeting and sharing with like minded people, who like me, are tired of the darkness in the world and would rather choose light.

The premise of Giving Bliss is two fold: 1) Finding Joy is simple. We tend to over complicate our lives and drain those precious moments that really do give us bliss. 2) We find the most joy in giving people joy. Giving and Receiving go hand in hand. Without Receiving with Gratitude there could be no giving. As a people we need to learn to Receive with Gratitude instead of “taking.” Also, being in a frame of mind where one consciously decides to be active in Giving Bliss, is the sweetest joy.

This book is a Christian book, but it is not a deep doctrinal study of the Master. It is a practical look at application of Christian principles. Happiness is something we find while giving it. We cannot sit around not engaged and expect it. It takes action on our part – but it shouldn’t be difficult. It should be simple. It takes a change of heart and willingness to give, learn and love – and ultimately relying on the Son of God.

The content of this Blog and the Book are opinions and reflections of the author, and not an official writing of any group or denomination.

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