The Giving Bliss Blog is intentionally simple. I thought about doing something really fancy, but then realized that the worth of this blog is in the content and the communication of ideas and experiences.

When I began this project a while ago, I had intended to name the book Finding Bliss. While researching that name, I found some people who had used the very title for something dark. I began to look for another title. Giving Bliss as a title came into my mind, and actually changed the whole nature of the book. It was something even more simple and more powerful. In the few weeks which I changed the title, new thoughts and ideas have flowed that were not present with the other title.


CONTACT: I am interested in conversation with like minded people. If you would like to contact me, email me at I will do my best respond.

ASSIGNMENTS: These are merely activities that are composed to encourage thought, simplify life, foster initiative, increase discovery, start good habits….you know…all that good stuff that we like but never seem to know how to get.

I am not trying to make us more busy, rather I offer these as an escape from the drudgery that can invade life.

CONTENT: Many of these stories and observations will be personal. It is not my intent to aggrandize myself or to “show my alms before men.” I can only write about what I know and see. I realize that many of you have similar experiences and those are just as important. My purpose is to share the joy I have and to have joy by seeing others happy. As for any good I do, I cannot take credit; I have been shown the way by the Master.

On to the Blog…